yogalizard said: Do you ever get sad and unmotivated for no reason randomly?

Sometimes I experience the feeling of sadness or the feeling of being unmotivated. I don’t identify with these impermanent feelings by saying “I am sad” or “I am unmotivated.”

I recognize the feeling and allow it to be there. Then I continue doing whatever and being whoever. 

Peace does not require us to control our feelings and force them one way or another. Peace means being uncontrolled by temporary feelings. Instead of those feelings creating a drunken state of suffering, they can be used like needle pricks to remain awake and sober. 

The less you are bothered by these fleeting experiences, the less often they come to you. It’s like welcoming a thief warmly into your home when you have nothing to steal. Eventually the thief will leave. Word will spread to the other thieves and they simply wont bother with your home. 

That is why it is necessary to see through the fiction of the ego. The ego is a wonderful tool, it allows us to function in this world we have created. It need not be killed. It was never alive to begin with anyway, only your identification with the ego creates the appearance of its aliveness.

The ego is like our home and the more we dress it up with our delusions, the more there is for the thief to steal. By awakening to ourselves as being the nature of fundamental awareness, you gradually empty your house. Your judgments, your impressions, your desires, your fears, all were objects once collecting dust in your house that through meditation and spiritual practice you bring into the light of day. 

When your ego home is clear and empty like a zendo then you can use your ego without being used by your ego. 

Namaste :)

1 year ago
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