It is very easy to embark on a mindful path and to start feeling at war as a result. You see so much ego and ignorance in yourself and in other people. How can we resist taking up arms? We have been taught to fight so many things. 

But you do not win anything by fighting it. All violence accomplishes is conflict while peace accomplishes change. 

That is why I find tantra so important. While we use words and definitions to create understanding, none of those tools should be taken seriously. Any boundaries and definitions and divisions we create are for the purpose of example only. They are not real. They are not real. 

You cannot divide the indivisible. 

The tantra approach is a constant reminder that war is never necessary, with yourself or others. By war I mean violence of the moment. Violence is an inner thing, a kind of confused turmoil. Peace is an inner thing as well. Therefore you can be at peace even as you pull a firearm’s trigger. 

Do not confuse the outer for the inner or vice versa. It is not the tools or the means of warfare that are violent. It is the violence and confusion of humanity. If we truly knew the lack of boundary between all things, there would only be surrender. No violence.

Tantra means surrender. Not to someone else’s will but rather to the music of the moment. This is why it is so much like taoism. 

Search yourself. Search the world. Where are divisions being made? Any and every division we create isn’t true, isn’t eternal. Why? 

As Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Be mindful of your barriers and remember their inherent lack of substance. Everything is already Here.

Namaste, sangha. 

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