Desire creates tension and anxiety. There are two ways that desire manifests:

1. The desire to gain. 

2. The desire to avoid loss. 

Both desires presuppose that your current state of being is not enough. Either you are driven by the belief that something in the future can add to who you are now, or that something can diminish who you are now. 

Don’t mistake desires for requirements. The body requires air, sustenance, and safety. Without those things, existence would not be possible. Only when those requirements are in jeopardy do we desire them. Once they are in place, our attention shifts elsewhere. 

However, there is no end to our pursuit of pleasure and aversion to pain. 

Desire in itself is an expression of our longing for blissful peace. We want the things that we think bring us bliss and we avoid that which we believe to dampen it. 

Through limiting our desire to egoic things, we keep ourselves locked in a cycle of pleasure and pain. By fanning the flames of desire until it becomes an inferno that only Reality itself can satisfy, we use this urge for truth rather than the seeking of mere pleasure. 

As my guru puts it, when you aim you should aim for the highest. Why ask for a sweet when you can own the candy shop?

Be aware of when desire arises in you and ask yourself why? Why do you desire what you do? Is it a search for validation, for empowerment, or for temporary enjoyment?

Many people panic at the idea of having no desires. How will anything get done? It is a sad commentary on our state of mind that we cannot imagine a possible reason for doing something, if not out of desire and fear. 

When desire and fear ends, spontaneity and joy begins. The play between inspiration and patience becomes a way of life, dancing against an immutable background of peace. 

The desire to put an end to desires is a strange one indeed, but when you realize what you are trying to accomplish with all this desiring, you realize how to accomplish it faster: desire to know what you already are, what you have always been and always will be. 

That is what your desire has been seeking all along. And when you finally come to terms with that, you will find a lack of struggle and anxiety within. 


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