1. Your own existence contains Everything. Male, female, friend, enemy, love, creation, beauty, horror, human, nature, society, evolution. 

2. You are endless and beginningless. It is only the fixation on the human body and body-identification that gives strength to the illusion of being in the body, as opposed to the body being in You

3. You are timeless. The body will age as part of its natural process but the awareness that is You witnessing the process undergoes no change. It is when we take on fixed ideas about ourselves and the world around us that everything starts to look so overdone, derivative, and unoriginal. 

4. You are undivided. The mind has the ability to analyze and break down objects of thought and the world into pieces and parts. But when you set down the mind and abide in conscious Silence you will realize Existence as a vast soupy primordial ocean of Isness. No boundaries, no divisions. 

5. You are loved. But you will not know how loved you are until you get in touch with Loving. The living beings that Love connects are temporary manifestations but the Love itself is eternal. Love is life, awareness, and existence. Were it not for the Love within you, your body could not sustain itself. 

You learn something new every day :)

Namaste, sangha. 

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