Any strong negative emotions, especially anger, can create a narrowing of awareness. It creates a painbody reaction that puts us into a level of unconsciousness. 

You are correct to observe that you are not “yourself”. When one is in such a state of mind, you are being ridden by your ego. “You” are the awareness of Existence. The ego is the thing that perceives itself as separate and feels the need to viciously defend itself. 

The first trick is not to get to the point of being overwhelmed by the anger at all. Be mindful of your body and mind and your reactions to things. When you see anger arising, keep watching it. Become transparent to the feeling of this anger. 

Address the situation from a place of clarity. By being mindful of the anger as it arises, you will observe that it comes from elsewhere, it has no root in you. And when you don’t identify with the anger, it is easy to let it pass through you. 

The hard part is when you suddenly discover that you have become furious. You weren’t aware and mindful enough to see the transition to anger happen. When this happens we make the mistake of identifying with our anger. 

Then we feel the need to defend that anger, to keep it going, while we express it through angry words and thoughts. What’s worse, we don’t want to let that anger go because it implies a death. We do not want to let anything go that we have identified with because if you do part of the ego will die. 

When this happens, you need to shift your attention from the thoughts in your mind to the feeling in your body. Your thoughts and the story in your head keep the emotion place. Instead, place your attention on the anger in your body. Where do you feel it physically?

Breathe and be there with the anger. Don’t think about the anger, just feel it. Patience will bring you to a moment in which you will have the opportunity to let go of the anger. When that moment comes, let go. 

Namaste, my friend! much love

2 years ago
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