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To know love without grasping. To know beauty without wishing ownership. To touch the essence of life within the display of forms is the purpose and meaning of human life.

Traktung Rinpoche

observingfromwithn said: Hello ly. I know this is sort of taboo, but I was wondering about what you thought about masturbating? Do you think it's wrong?

I hate to break it to ya but it ain’t taboo if everybody does it. :P


file it under things I teach myself when chem lecture gets unreasonably dull

file it under things I teach myself when chem lecture gets unreasonably dull

The meaning of your life depends on which ideas you permit to use you. Who you think you are determines where you put your attention. Where you direct your attention creates your life experiences, and brings a new course of events into being. Where you habitually put your attention is what you worship. What do you worship in this mindstream called your life?


The Autoionization of Water and the Big Bang Theory

Water is dihydrogen monoxide, H2O, and is composed of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. 

When water is left on its own in a container, it does something rather curious. It will spontaneously auto-ionize itself. This means that, for no real reason, one water molecule in perhaps several million will transform. 

A water molecule will then split into a negatively charged hydroxide ion (OH-), composed of a single hydrogen bonded to an oxygen. The other hydrogen will then attach itself to another H2O molecule to become the positively charged hydronium ion(H3O+). 

In effect, an otherwise neutral and homogenous system spontaneously polarizes itself into two opposites. 

Personally, I’m starting to suspect that this is how the big bang occurs every time the universe is created. What existed before matter was perhaps a pure yet inert dimension of homogenous energetic potential. Then, for no real reason, it spontaneously polarizes itself into matter and antimatter. 

This is a theory currently being explored in the field of Physics. Physicists have been able to create physical matter from pure energy but whenever they do, both matter and antimatter appear together simultaneously to maintain balance. The only question is: Where did all the antimatter created at the beginning of the universe go? Perhaps that is something to do with the acceleration of the universe’s expansion? Or dark energy/matter? 

Who knows. 

Stuff I mull over when doing my chemistry reading. 

Namaste folks

bobbyverse said: Round 2, I think I worded that wrong :) "Real" world VS digital versions, I was curious the impact it might make on compassion to have more face to face conversations instead of reading text. It reminded me of Rebel Buddha recommending listening to a friend at length. Also, seeing a mountain range in person VS pictures or shows about nature. Are we tricking ourselves into believing we've had grand experiences by watching them but not being there? That tranquility of nature you have to feel?

We’re always tricking ourselves into thinking we are experiencing something that we are not. 

We look at a flower and think we are seeing it. We touch the flower and think we are touching it. We smell the flower and think we are smelling it. 

But all we have ever known is the brain’s interpretation of electrical signals from the body’s faculties. 

You are dividing the world and calling the “real” world as the world of the senses and the “unreal” world as the digital space of information exchange. 

What you consider to be real has everything to do with what you take your identity to be. This is why, if you misidentify as the body, then you think this sensory world is more real than the digital world. Whereas if you misidentify with the concepts and images you have of yourself, the digital world may seem more reflective of what is real than the physical world. 

Samsara is the choice between two lies. Neither the world of the senses nor the world of digital information are more or less real than one another. “Real” does not come in gradations. What is real is real, always. What is unreal is unreal, always. 

Feeling tranquility by looking at a picture of nature and feeling tranquility by being in nature are both manifestations of the mind. The reason why being in nature may be more vivid an experience of tranquility is because it engages more of your senses, perhaps even on a subconscious level. The smells, the sounds, the texture of the earth beneath your feet. 

But the fact that you feel differently as a function of your physical position is not an inherent experience. Some people may feel tranquil in nature while others may feel restless and disinterested. 

Misattributing an inner experience to outer causes is the habit that perpetuates confusion. We think this or that causes our peace, happiness, freedom, or love. That’s when we starting seeking or avoiding outward things that actually have their root within.

In terms of compassion, someone who is well advanced with the practice will find little difference between in person and via message. There wouldn’t be a preference one way or another. For those who are beginning, I’d recommend to start with whatever is easiest for them. Get in touch with compassion and then bring it to whatever areas of your life in which it is absent, be that in person or via the various forms of distance communication. 


You must want to know the truth more than you want to feel secure in order to fully awaken to the fact that you are nothing but Awakeness itself.


raddish12 said: Do you believe in the concept of kundalini?

Anyone can feel the energy in their body if they apply their attention. It’s typically unconscious. You don’t know how you move your arm, it just happens when you want it to. Learning to fill your body with serene attention is not only a good mindfulness practice but it will also make you aware of nuanced aspects of your consciousness. 

However, it’s important to keep things in perspective in terms of self-realization. If you are using the mind then at some point you must go beyond the mind. If you are using energy then at some point you must go beyond the energy. The same goes for devotion and meditation. 

All paths lead to the same place. Some of us, seeking to be resourceful during these desperate modern times, blend several of the paths tailored to our own life circumstances. 

Namaste :)

After awakening, in the absence of identity, Love lives the body. For this particular body (pointing to his own) it is experienced as a tender heartedness that is ceaselessly welling up, animating the cells with a longing to give itself away to every being, every atom of appearance. Oddly, because it is the natural state, the body almost never even notices - just as a fish does not notice the water it swims in. But if asked, and the body turns its attention toward itself, the radiance of this expanse swiftly overwhelms, engulfs, the senses in unborn bliss.

The brain is washed clean of its grasping to concept by an unborn Silence. I think maybe Silence is the context of the expanse and Love is the content and they are like a flame and its warmth. In that silence, mind perceives appearing as a network of infinite intersecting luminous threads. What we call space and time, realms and beings, are simply condensation of these threads – droplets, nodal points. Mind, as Silence, uses Love, as body, to manifest compassion in a poetry of circumstance. It does this without ever confusing itself with the concept that there are Buddhas who save or sentient beings who need to be saved, or compassion, or threads of light, or Love or Silence.

T.K. - Traktung Yeshe Dorje

prometheanreach said: Is all love inherently selfish?

Love is the transpersonal mood. To love is to blur the line between self and other. It is inherently selfless and, in its purest form, love is the Self. 

If the mind misattributes love as being restricted to a certain form, be that physical, mental, or circumstantial, then insecurity and selfishness become possible. 

The reason for the insecurity is fear. All of us intuit love to be our nature but we seek it in confused forms. We are afraid to be “apart” from our nature and so we become capable of doing amazing and atrocious things in order to get what we want. 

Often the confused forms in which we seek peace, love, and happiness, have to do with our own identity confusion. If you think you are this, then you assume you will be complete and happy when you get that

You can imagine the way this delusion hijacks many romantic relationships and derails them from the initial fruition of love into pettiness, jealousy, and possessiveness. I know that all too well from my own personal experience.

All of this is allowed when the illusion of separation goes unexamined. By exploring the falseness of separation, not only does love begin to peek out from behind the curtain but the practice of love is itself a way out of illusion. One such method that I often advocate is tonglen.

In both Buddhist Tantrayana and Hindu Tantrika Yoga it has long been said: Love is the technology for transforming shit into bliss. 

Namaste :) Love love love. 

A starving man is not ‘interested’ in food,
nor is a drowning man ‘interested’ in air.
For one longing for Liberation,
Self-knowledge is not an interest, it’s vital.


mystifiednaturally said: Coming from a humanist background I am currently reviewing my (spiritual) beliefs and am reading more and more Buddhist texts. Whilst I realize that individually, ones personal understanding of God may not mesh exactly with that of your chosen belief system, as I formulate my ideas, would you enlighten me as to the Buddhist understanding of God?


Put down the books and the beliefs for a while. They’ll be there later if you wish to revisit them. 

Sit and be still in silence for an hour. Or go kneel by a pond and transfix your gaze with total fascination on the rippling dance of its surface waters. Or lie flat on your back and sink your eyes into the sky until you have nothing left to ask or say. 

There is no room for personal understanding or Buddhist understanding. Come to touch what is and let it touch the heart of your existence. 

Then ask yourself whether you are more interested in belief or discovery.

Namaste my friend :)

We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and — in spite of True Romance magazines — we shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely — at least, not all the time — but essentially, and finally, alone. This is what makes your self-respect so important, and I don’t see how you can respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your happiness.

Hunter S. Thompson

jackleton said: How far do you think our society is from realizing that the demand for a bigger house, a bigger car, more money, more clothes, a firmer stomach, and shinier hair is going to destroy our planet, and do you think it is a realization that will happen quickly or will it be a long process that takes us close to destruction?

Society is not alive. It is a concept based on standing really really far away and looking at a group of people. 

Society will never wake up because it was never asleep. It’s like your reflection in a mirror. It looks alive but isn’t. 

A bigger car isn’t going to destroy our planet. Our lack of developing alternative means of fuel and energy will. More money wont harm the planet, our greed and walled off hearts will. A firmer stomach and shinier hair wont cause the apocalypse, but those who take their identity to be determined by their body live as if already dead. 

Let me be clear: The planet will survive us. The question is whether or not we want to be a part of that future. And if we do, then each of us must do our part in awakening from our own confusions and delusions. 

Awakening is a strange thing. When the Buddha awakened, he claimed that with his awakening, all things awakened. Yet how can that be true, since we ourselves have not come to know the meaning of that awakening?

For the one who is realized of the truth, nothing is lacking anywhere. No consciousness or aliveness or awareness is lacking. On our meditation retreat over this summer, someone asked my guru whether he felt a different kind of energy when visiting the cities of the US as opposed to being in the countryside retreats. The questioner clearly wanted my guru to go into teachings regarding the different vibration of energies. But my guru shrugged with a half-laugh and merely said, “Wherever I go, I see God.”

Contribute your own awakening. Love and encourage others—or at least do not harm and discourage them. Everyone is doing what they think is best, the only thing that makes us seem different is the ignorance in our eyes. 

Give the mirror of society something new to reflect. Don’t forget that society serves us, we do not serve society.

If you want to get an idea of what the future may be like, look at the younger generations. Personally, I like the trends I am seeing. Younger people seem discontent with the consciousness of the generations that preceded them. They seem less convinced by notions of what is “normal” with respect to sexuality, race, genders, and religions. 

All in all, they are good things. But I also see room for integrating the raw power and intellect of modern mind. We need forward thinking and benevolent corporations to extend patronage to forward thinking scientists. We need politicians who have an understanding and appreciation for national harmony over confused agendas. And we need a media that celebrates our community as humanity rather than falling prey to gossip-mongering and spin-doctoring. 

All of that happens with the passion and dedication of inspired and intelligent individuals. And it will never happen if we force entire generations to go into debt just to get an education. 

So who knows? I see that it’s possible. Will it happen? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Contribute your own awakening and it wont matter. 

Namaste :)

Awakening to the truth is a deep realization of what you are as an experience. What is it that is listening? What is it that is feeling? Feel it. Sense it. Welcome it.